Griffith University engages and retains students with reduced admin hours through Vygo.


Griffith University’s Vygo Platform has upwards of a thousand students users. Since launching, over 19,000 messages have been sent and over 1,100 tutoring sessions have been completed, with a 97 percent session satisfaction rate. Find out how they retained students and decreased administrative costs with the Vygo Platform. 

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About the Study

Over the past few decades, students have been increasingly living further away from campus and working to support themselves financially. This has resulted in them spending less time on campus: the location where academic and social support can traditionally be found (Baik, Naylor, & Arkoudis, 2015).

This trend, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, has impacted students’ ability to access critical support services when they need them most, resulting in students lacking the support required to complete their degrees (Hixenbaugh, 2006). 

Discover how personalised, accessible support services enabled Griffith to overcome these critical challenges. 

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