85% of Program Managers feel Vygo reduces administrative burden.

Automation and AI have long been identified as technologies that can reduce administrative burden, allowing for greater efficiency and focus on optimisation. The implementation of Vygo in the Wirltu Yarlu Peer Mentoring Program at the University of Adelaide, has reduced admin burden by 80%.

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About the Study

The Wirltu Yarlu Centre at the University of Adelaide is an industry-leading program for Indigenous Australian students who implemented Vygo in mid-2020. Prior to implementing the Vygo platform, administrative upkeep of the program totalled nearly five full days of work each week. With the help of an effective support management system, it now takes a single team member just one day. 

The Vygo platform automatically matches mentors with mentees and provides a platform for booking and recording sessions. Through data provided by Vygo, program managers can easily pay their mentors and see insights into the success of their programs. As a result, program managers can focus on strategy and optimisation of their programs, making a significant contribution to students’ lives and improving role satisfaction. 

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