The University of Greenwich builds a strong sense of programme community
through Vygo

The University of Greenwich - Business School introduced a peer to peer mentoring programme with 6 sub-programmes split down by course to their first-year students through the Vygo learner support platform. Find out how the institution was able to foster a strong sense of programme community in this case study.

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About the Study

Higher education institutions around the globe have found maintaining satisfactory levels of student engagement to be quite a challenging task.
Student engagement and retention rates are incredibly crucial metrics for these institutions and have a significant impact in determining their overall success.

The challenge of keeping students academically and
socially engaged throughout their educational journey is increasing every year, with powering the student support ecosystem purely through administrators proving to be an expensive exercise, especially at scale.

Business schools, in particular, place a large emphasis on the importance of developing a sense of community amongst their cohorts. It may come as no surprise to most people that fostering a sense of community within
these cohorts will inevitably empower students to not only feel more fulfilled but develop critical social skills, giving them a competitive edge later in their careers.

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